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The Handweaver’s Guild of Boise Valley

The Handweaver’s Guild of Boise Valley is blessed to have 4 Certificate of Excellence earners as members. The certificate of excellence program is promoted and judged by the Handweavers Guild of America and honors outstanding exhibited works of fiber art which clearly demonstrate excellence, specifically in handweaving, hand spinning, dyeing basketry, felting and related fiber arts. These gals have had major influence in my weaving knowledge. All of them are great mentors and some of them enjoy traveling and teaching workshops.

Mary Berent

Mary Berent, Master Weaver (COE levels 1 and 2 in handweaving) resides in Eagle, ID,
contact information follows: OR
She is a great teacher, mentor, inspire-er, friend and always willing to help me with weaving issues. Mary is also a dyer, spinner, ETC!

Lynn Ruggles

Lynn Ruggles taught me to spin with a spindle in a community education class, and has enhanced my spinning skills tremendously! She previously resided for years in Boise, and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona. Her license plate used to be SPINPHD. How awesome is that? She has earned her Certificate of Excellence. first and second levels in hand spinning, and also is a weaver of tapestry and multi-harness weaving, beader, knitter extraordinaire, dyer, sews, etc. Another fabulous fiber artist. Much of my spinning practice and success is due to her influence. I have spun gorgeous yarns of many different types of animals, with great end results, and this includes memorial pieces for friend’s pets. I had a 20-pound orange and white cat that produced gorgeous caramel colored yarn with a halo similar to angora rabbit that was then knitted into a few items.

Vila Cox

Vila Cox has COE levels 1 and 2 in handweaving, amazing sewing skills (not my strong suit), spinner, knitter of very fine lace weight yarns, ETC! She does production weaving, sells her handmade, handwoven items at the local farmers market, and online. Check out her website for wonderful gifts for others or yourself.

Rebecca Winter

Rebecca Winter COE earner of levels one and two of level two!!!, a very unusual winner in handweaving. Spinner of cotton on a chakra suitcase wheel, BOOKMAKER and author. An amazing fiber artist. Her first level II of the COE was on Color and Weave: Getting to the stars. The second one is The Enigma of Shadow Weave Illuminated and is also her book title being released this summer/fall. You can find her and more information on Instagram @rebeccawinter555,

Click here for more information about her book.

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